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How is Technology Revolutionizing the Claims Adjusting Process?

Technology is revolutionizing the landscape of claims adjustment. What was once a labor-intensive task is not characterized by automated processes that enhance efficiency and reduce time and costs. In the past, settling damage claims could span months, but now homeowners can expect resolutions within weeks or even days.

For adjusters, aligning with a tech-savvy company offers numerous benefits regarding operational efficiency, communication improvements, time optimization, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Embrace cutting-edge claims-adjusting technology to expedite and improve the accuracy of claim processing.

Technological advancements in adjusting have improved the industry in several different ways.


Automation enhances the customer journey and expedites the claims inspection and adjustment procedures. Utilizing specialized technology for real-time data sharing, instant inspection submissions, and live communication options significantly improves the efficiency of the process. Automated report submissions tailored to carrier specifications result in significant time savings. Ultimately, computerized optimizations of schedules, inspection protocols, and report submissions benefit the entire industry.


Utilizing standardized reports and precise calculations enhances the accuracy of results. When coupled with automation, inspections can be accelerated, and we can anticipate comprehensive, clear documentation. In these systems, inspectors are mandated to fill out all essential fields and meet all criteria before finalizing a report. This rigorous process guarantees thorough reporting and ensures that all inspection requirements are consistently fulfilled.


Enhancing communication empowers homeowners, granting them more significant influence over the process. This, in turn, positively impacts the customer journey, boosting customer satisfaction by 10 to 15%. Often, clients have the flexibility to define their communication preferences (text, email, phone), elevating their engagement and ensuring faster response times. These features proactively share progress updates with all stakeholders, ensuring everyone remains well-informed throughout the claim’s progression.

Claims Processing

Integrating AI, automation, and smart technology enhances the efficiency of the digital claims process. By consolidating the information flow, claims adjusters can efficiently handle the various components of claims processing, making the process faster and more precise. Tech-enabled adjusters gain a competitive advantage by concentrating on the claim and its resolution without chasing down inspectors and waiting for reports. Establishing strategic partnerships with tech-forward companies equips adjusters with the necessary resources to streamline the claims adjustment process.

Cost and Time Savings

The accumulated benefits of employing claims processing technology in terms of cost and time savings are substantial. Here are key points to consider:

  • Adoption of technology ensures accurate adjudication of claims right from the start, increasing payment accuracy by 4%.

  • Recent studies indicate potential cost reductions of up to 30% in related expenses by investing in claims processing technology and faster processing times.

  • Streamlined processes lead to a reduction in claims disputes and litigations, serving as an additional cost-saving measure.

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