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How You Can Benefit from a Public Adjuster

Updated: Apr 4

Dealing with insurance claims can be a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to navigate complex policies and negotiate with insurance companies. That’s where a public adjuster comes in. What are some of the advantages of enlisting the services of a public adjuster, and how can they help you maximize your insurance claims?

Expert Negotiation and Documentation  

One of the primary benefits of hiring a public adjuster is their expertise in negotiation and documentation. Public adjusters are licensed professionals with a deep understanding of insurance policies, claims processes, and the intricacies of evaluating property damage. They work on your behalf to ensure that your claim is accurately assessed and documented, maximizing your chances of receiving a fair settlement. Public adjusters possess the knowledge and skills necessary to present a strong case to the insurance company, handling all the intricate details of the claims process, including paperwork, evidence gathering, and negotiations.

Ensuring Proper Evaluation   

Insurance companies may undervalue or underestimate the extent of your property damage or loss. By engaging a public adjuster, you have an advocate who will conduct a thorough evaluation of the damage and accurately assess the financial impact. An OPAGGA (Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability) study in Florida showed that public adjusters negotiate up to a 747% larger insurance company settlement for commercial business and homeowner insurance claims than the insurance company was planning to pay out. Public adjusters work diligently to ensure that all aspects of your claim are properly considered, from structural damage and personal belongings to additional living expenses. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive assessment that aligns with the true value of your loss, helping you secure the maximum compensation possible.

Reducing Stress and Saving Time 

Navigating the claims process can be overwhelming, particularly when dealing with the stress and challenges of property damage or loss. Hiring a public adjuster allows you to offload the burden of managing the insurance claim. They handle the entire process on your behalf, from initial documentation to negotiating with the insurance company. By entrusting your claim to a public adjuster, you can focus on rebuilding and recovery, knowing that a skilled professional is advocating for your best interests.

Expertise in Policy Interpretation 

Understanding the intricate language and provisions within insurance policies can be challenging for policyholders. Public adjusters specialize in policy interpretation and have a comprehensive understanding of insurance contracts. They can identify potential coverage areas that may have been overlooked and ensure that you receive the maximum benefits entitled to you under your policy. Their expertise allows them to navigate complex policy terms and conditions, enabling a more accurate and favorable outcome for your insurance claim.

M&T Adjusters is a Public Insurance Claims Adjusters Firm servicing all of Florida. As experts with licenses, we represent both home and business owners, not the insurance company; We guarantee you will get what you deserve. Don’t let your insurance company take you for granted; we fight for you! We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company with years of experience in the Public Adjusters industry; we work with ethics and morals, always putting our clients first. We do not have hidden fees, and we do not touch your money because, at M&T, we treat our customers like family.

If you have property damage from a recent storm, water, fire, flood, or lightning, please call 702-988-1222 for your free inspection today!



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